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Rob Ickes at the Shubb booth, 2019 NAMM
Rob and Trey, NAMM 2019
Trey Hensley at the Shubb booth, 2019 NAMM
John Jorgenson and Raul Reynoso
Xander Hitzig and Alice Wallace

Alice Wallace brought fiddler Xander Hitzig along for her set at the booth.

Xander Hitzig and Alice Wallace

That’s Mike Phelan behind them, mixing sound.

Robert Kinsler reviewed their set at our booth on his blog, Rock ‘n Roll Truth:

In a recent column I declared that singer-songwriter-guitarist Alice Wallace‘s “Into the Blue” is one of the first great albums of 2019. Released via Rebelle Road Records on Jan. 18, the 10-track album is a perfect showcase for the Southern California songstress’ winning mix of contemporary Americana and traditional country music styles. Performing at the Shubb Capos booth on Jan. 26, Wallace was joined by virtuoso fiddle player Xander Hitzig for a 15-minute set featuring several original cuts as well as an inspired cover of Don Walser’s “Rolling Stone From Texas,” the latter featuring Wallace’s impressive yodeling that mirrored Hitzig’s dazzling play on his fiddle. The new original “Santa Ana Winds” was driving and infectious to be sure while Wallace’s top-flight vocals bolstered the track. And sure enough, Wallace’s capo worked perfectly as she was able to raise the pitch of her acoustic guitar by shortening the neck; “I couldn’t play a show without my capo,” she said. Information: AliceWallaceMusic.com.

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