For more than forty years the name of Shubb has been synonymous with intelligent design and quality manufacturing. With more than five million capos sold, the Shubb Capo is the first choice ...often the ONLY choice of discerning musicians worldwide.

Chart: an overview of the different models of Shubb Capos

Shubb Capos are by far the best for not creating tuning problems. Learn more...

Shubb Deluxe Capo

Stainless steel, roller design. Made in our shop in Missouri.
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Standard Shubb Capo

Polished nickel or brushed nickel, now featuring the roller design.
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Capo Noir

Black chrome finish. The stealth capo, now featuring the roller design.
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Original Shubb Capo

Plain brass, original design.
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Shubb LITE Capo

Half the weight of our standard capo. available in 6 vivid colors.
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Partial Capos

2 different models, for special playing effects. Learn more...


ukulele capo

Ukulele Capo

Lite or brass, fits all models . Learn more...


FineTune Capo

Screw-operated, stainless steel capo. Popular with bluegrass players. Learn more...


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Fifth String Capo for Banjo

Our first product, and still the only 5th string capo worth installing on a good banjo.
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capo for Dobro

Unlike any other, it clamps to the neck for solid tone.
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GS Steel

Hardwood handle, stainless steel playing surface
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Shubb-Pearse steels

Unique shapes, quality materials.
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Robert Randolph steels

Designed for the steel guitar sensation.
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Axys reversible guitar slide

Alternate between slide playing and regular fretting.
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Talon guitar stand

Cool looking, compact stand for thin bodied instruments.
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String Winder

Ergonomic, attractive, durable, and efficient.
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Transposing guide and capo placement guide

A handy, pocket-sized slide chart.
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The CUB guitar amp, and the BASS CUB

great tone from these incredibly small, lightweight amps!!!
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Shubb logo clothing and other internet specials

T-shirts, jackets, vests, ballcaps, polo shirts.
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