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3/19/20: Currently filling web orders twice a week.

Normally we fill web orders every business day, as soon as they come in. But in the midst of the current coronavirus crisis, "shelter in place" regulations here in California limit how we can work. So it may take two or three days longer before you receive your capo. Something to look forward to.


 Steel String Guitar fits most acoustics and electrics


 Nylon String Guitar  wide, flat fretboard


 12- String Guitar or any steel string guitar with a wide neck


 7.25 inch radius  fits some vintage electrics

5  Banjo  also fits most mandolins and bouzoukis

•  Dobro capo

•  Partial capos for special creative effects

•  Ukulele capos

•  Replacement parts rubber sleeves, delrin caps, etc.


NEW FineTune capos

NEW engraved capo

• Banjo 5th string capos

• Guitar Steels
     GS steel | S-P steels | Robert Randolph steels

• Reversible guitar slide

stringwinder | • transposing guide

Clothing items and internet specials

Music CDs

• Featured special of the week...

Now available: limited factory seconds on some products



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Web orders are filled within two working days.
If you require urgent shipping, such as next-day or two-day, call our sales office at 707-843-4068

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