Shubb Capos are available in these models, to fit your instrument:

Each model is available in these styles, to suit your fancy:
DeLuxe Standard
nickel plated
Capo Royale Capo Noir Original Lite *
stainless steel
polished brushed gold rose gold* black chrome brass aluminum stainless steel
 Steel String Guitar
 fits most acoustics and electrics
S1 C1 C1n C1g C1g* C1k C1b L1 F1
Nylon String Guitar
 wide, flat fretboard
S2 C2 C2n C2g C2g* C2k C2b L2  
12-String Guitar
steel string guitar with a wide neck
S3 C3 C3n C3g C3g* C3k C3b L3 F3
7.25 inch radius
 fits some vintage electrics
S4 C4 C4n C4g C4g* C4k C4b L4  

also mandolins and bouzoukis

S5 C5 C5n C5g C5g* C5k C5b L5 F5

Special capos:


“Vintage” (for thick necks)

Partial Capos:                  
skips 6, covers 5-4-3   C7        
skips 6, covers 5-4-3-2-1   C8         C8B     
Capo for  Ukulele           C9B L9  
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